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Deer Hunting Guide
A Guide To Deer Hunting Brought To You By

Deer Hunting Tips is just one of the informational sites in the group. We promote responsible hunting and game management along with wildlife conservation. We also have a page on food plots that is very helpful in that the food plot is an integral part of the deer hunt.

Many factors make deer hunting one of the most rewarding hunting experiences of all game hunting. The elusiveness of deer coupled with the challenge required for "true" wild hunting of deer makes this a very popular sport in the USA. We have broken the deer hunt information down into these categories:

Deer Are Active During Different Times Of The Day

Times of Activity For Deer

Deer are commonly thought of as being crepuscular animals. This means that they frequently become active during dawn and dusk and more often than not tend to sleep during the middle of the day and the middle and late at night. This is possibly a defense mechanism to enable digestion and rest during the day when predators are not as active. However, not common, some deer do decide to feed during the middle of the day but this is not the majority but a quirk in that deer’s schedule for that particular day and more than likely a repeated event.

Locating A Place To Hunt Is Very Important

Where Should You Hunt For Deer

When finding a place to set up for the next hunting day you must remember that deer have 3 purposes in their life. The first one is that a deer must Eat to survive therefore if you can find any area where clover or rye or any greens cover the ground it is probably a good idea to take interest in this site and look harder in the surrounding areas to establish trail routes, scrapes and look for tracks to reinforce movement and frequency.

The second thing that a deer must do is sleep. A deer loves to sleep in areas where the brush is very thick and very dense. Most areas of this nature accompany small planted pines and swampy areas where movement by a predator would not go without detection.

These areas are very hard to hunt in because of limited vision and the noise that would accompany a hunter stirring around the brush to get to his deer stand or blind. An attempt to hunt in these areas are not suggested because of these handicaps it would be best to wait on the outskirts of a well used trail and await the exit or entrance of the deer from or to his feeding spot.

The third and final cycle of a deer’s life is its powerful will to mate and it is during this time also known as the rut in which the deer’s senses are dulled and the hunter now has a slight edge over the more active and less alert buck. During this time of the year the buck will be active a significantly larger amount time in the search for a mate to assure his bloodline to continue. This means that you will have a greater chance of seeing an elusive buck and a much better chance of bagging one, so gear up and look for those scrapes and food plots and good luck.

Of course you do not want to be hunting illegally on someone else's property without permission. Many people lease land (if they do not already own it). When you have a substantial amount of property to hunt on it is a good idea to put in food plots and deer feeders to keep that herd of deer on your property.

We offer many types of deer feeders here in the menu to the right. There are feeders to fit every budget and situation. Also our sister site covers and provides you with everything you need for food plots.

The Purpose Of Camouflage -

Picking The Best Deer Hunting Camouflage

Hunter in A Blind or Copse of Woods

One of the most important functions of the camouflage clothing, contrary to popular belief, is not to make you look like a tree but rather break up the human silhouette. It is fairly easy to blend into a very bushy environment but not every camouflage offers the ability to hide the silhouette of the human body in a fairly open area.

Normally, you always don’t end up where you always want to be when hunting so by wearing a camouflage pattern with less solid blends you will seem less human therefore lessening the chances that he will see you and recognize your shape as threatening. Henceforth improving the probability of bagging your buck. The best thing is to keep it simple and inexpensive unless you know the area where you will be hunting will conceal your silhouette. If you don’t you will lose your trophy and your wallet.

The Noises Deer Make And What They Mean

Copying Deer Sounds When and How

A deer is an animal that is not necessarily a vocal animal but when vocalizations do occur they are in three different forms. The snort the bleat and the grunt. A snort is a sound used by a deer when alarmed and it is also used to alert one another of danger therefore using a snort call is of little use to the hunter.

The second type of call is the bleat, which is often made by fawns or does when in distress for some reason or another. This call can be utilized by the hunter because by mimicking a distressed fawn or doe often brings the assistance of another and hopefully a trailing buck.

The third type of sound a deer will vocalize is the grunt, bucks often throughout every stage of the rut. Grunts may call up a buck for the simple reason that they do not want other bucks in their territory mating their does.

In my neck of the woods, hunters have used a pair of deer horns to attract buck deer who will come to the sound of what they think is a deer confrontation between bucks over a doe. The horns are rattles together thus making the sound of two bucks fighting. Theses are especially effective when the deer are in rut.


Deer Have An Excellent Sense Of Smell

Deer Can Detect Your Smell Quite Easily

The most important defense the whitetail has against man is it's sense of smell. The whitetail deer can detect the presence of man quite easily because of man’s distinct body odor. Of course you do not want to go deer hunting with any perfumes on your skin or hair, so be careful what deodorants, soaps and shampoos you use.

So naturally man must try to cover up or remove this scent to successfully hunt. Doing this however has been a challenge hunters since time began but now man has figured out a way to kill the bacteria that induce the odor in sweat. Though not a cover up method these scent removers appear to work very well when sitting in the stand or hunting for short to medium lengths of time.

However when putting in a full day of hiking and running through the bush hunting deer these scent removers seem to fall short of par only keeping the odor at bay until heavy perspiration occurs. But for the average hunter I would definitely suggest the use of these scent removers. For they do seem to kill a majority of the odor producing bacteria furthermore preventing detection even in a downwind situation. It can definitely improve your chances of bagging your buck.

I have heard of all types of scents being used to attract deer or cover the human scent. One of these is anise extract which is developed from an herb by the same name. You will find this extract in the seasons section of your grocery store. There are all types of deer scent attractants on the market and here are a few below for you to choose from.

Choosing The Right Gun To Hunt With

Which Rifle to Choose For Deer Hunting

Today a hunter is faced with many different rifle actions to choose from. The automatic and the pumps which allow for fast reload and quicker shots and also the lever action guns like the 30-30 which are equally quick and simple to operate, but the bolt action is perhaps the most accurate. The bolt action’s double lock design increases accuracy by limiting the vibration that occurs when a shot is fired. This more often than not allows for an accurate and consistent shot. Especially in long range situations the bolt action is a must for any hunter who is using a rifle.

You may of course decide to hunt with a bow. Generally a crossbow is employed in this type of deer hunting. It takes quite a bit of skill to hunt with a bow and I find it admirable when a hunter chooses this type of weapon to hunt with as in the ancient days of our forefathers.

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